Monday, June 14, 2010

Train Travel

Travelling by train is to weave your journey with the REAL - people, nature...
Infused with the sights and sounds, you get adventurous enough to want to touch it,
inspired enough to want to jot it down...but in the end poignant enough to want to leave it alone

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Inheritance

I have nothing to give but my hope and dreams young one or would you rather inherit this earth?
With the cruelities and insecurities etched upon our very genetic profile..and our endless parades
Have you seen the news lately or looked out of your window without the curtain in your way?
Tell me what you see? Is it beauty or an image, what lies have your eyes told you today?
Take a deep breath, try relaxing... Does your skin know your name?
What is your favourite colour my love, red,black or grey?
If only you knew about a colour called green and how it made our earth beam!
They were our best friends - Clean air, pure water and smile....
Dear, the price we paid for our ignorance is what really made us slaves
We were selfish and the devil knew
Now tell me honestly my child, would you like to inherit my hopes and dreams?
To wake up to blue skies and singing birds and breathe the air and smile
A future that knows the colour green and the life it symbolises
Change, my young one, you can bring..i know, i believe you will say yes to my hopes and dreams...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Confessions of a fragmented mind...uff!!

1)I do love watching romantic sentimental movies..(all the cliches)- I cry like a baby,laugh like a hyena, clap to the victorious 'i found you' moments like a fanatic..and blush as if Rhett Butler kissed me instead of Scarlett O'Hara
2)I love drinking orange tang..Kraft be praised.. i enjoy sipping it while i think of all the nothingness.. or ridiculous moments like typing this down..i feel reborn :)my answer to meditation
3)I dream of being the proud owner of a tattoo and long endless legs..out of which i know one of them is achievable so lets leave it at that.
4)I envision myself sitting in one of the many bistros in Paris juggling between observing the passing crowds,reading a fantastic book and eating a divine pastry...bliss!
5)I hate being around people who are eternal pessimists.. i fear its contagious..
6)I sometimes get scared of my own laughter.. i feel it does take a life of its own at me.. I have victims and witnesses to testify to this claim!
7)Dark Chocolate... my passion/poison
8)I have every attribute of a ach/shopaholic.. thank God for thoughts of doom (read:penniless..etc) also..!now that is my quick fix..
9)I love the whole experience of travelling by planes..from the immigration to the flight food..Hopefully i can upgrade to a helicopter oneday..fingers crossed
10)For all you know,this list might/will - time permits - change tomorrow.. i wouldnt take it seriously!!

Friday, July 31, 2009


If laughter is the best medicine,
Give it to me in large doses
Feed me a joke, a trick, a limerick
Watch me throw my head back and to it all laugh out loud.
Coz this cure is for a broken soul,
from rejections,disappointments and loss
the course will be long but i know you will be patient and persist
with your wise cracks, quick wits and joy
In the midst of all the uncertainities of tomorrow,
the clouds signalling the rain and brilliant light that cracks through its doors
unveiling the full arc of a rainbow,
bravely with you by my side,i will be sipping my new tonic,
of laughter and hope.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Song for You

I needed you all these years,
Through the joys and the tears,
And when i could hear your voice no more,
Only a jumble of words occupied the empty spaces in my head.
So i decided to write them down - hoping to make a song
Lyrics and chords, i added them all... A song for you was made..
It sounded sweet, the words felt right, so i sang it out aloud
But the song fell flat and the magic was lost - how did it go so wrong?
It was a song for you and i knew you so well... what did i miss?
My song for you.... So wrong, why not right?
I tore it up into tiny bits and felt my tears -
Will my songs never sound right again?
One day the words came back, stranger or an old friend,
and silently i listened,numb
It trickled like drops of water on me till i was completely drenched
It had to be written, it had to take shape
Lyrics and chords, i added them all... A song was made..
It was perfect, i sang it out loud, beautiful - it brought laughter to my heart!
So strange, it was still the same song, what went right?
Then i realised to my joy, this time - The song was for Me, the words were for Me.
Finally, My Song and the music was just right
Everything in harmony..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What would you say….?

What would you say if you saw me now…? Would you tell me to continue on the road I have taken or lead me to a different path…?
Would you like the song I have sung or think I was out of tune…?
Applaud at my speech or raise an eyebrow as I say it all…?
If you see me Smile, would you believe all is well, or
See through my pretence and hold me tight … tell me ‘everything will be alright…today will pass, tomorrow will shine... Take a deep breath!’

Mistakes I have made, but I meant no harm… I have learnt my lessons and repeat I won’t!
My conscience is clear and my heart is set straight, true in my love, true in my faith, true in it all… I promise you this

What would you say if you saw me now? I really hope to know…
Coz I only hope to make you proud at the end of it all…

Pa dearest, I will try my best … To come close to achieving what you have done is to say … One lifetime well done!

‘You are My Girl’ – These words I treasure, coz you are the BEST and YOU told me this.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

I believe every woman should take time one day every week to celebrate herself! Pick a day and toast to an incredibly splendid YOU.. inspite of everything else life throws at you. It need not be a big planned out money bursting extravaganza (on second thought,, why not!!) ... anything that brings happiness like buying your favourite cheese cake and eating it without a care in the world or the extra pounds pilling :-) ... it could be anything but indulge,,,in YOU! I tried it and it feels wonderful... We all need something to look forward to and why wait for something to happen... , turn a bad day around or make a good day even better! Remember YOU are your own best friend too...

So today i toast to Me!! Happy Anniversary Jo!! I think you are superlative!! :-)